Visa Check Card

For a lost or stolen card, please call: 1-800-500-1044.

Visa Check Card

A Visa Check Card is included FREE with every First Community Bank Checking Account. The Visa Check Card is the most convenient way to utilize your account services. Plus, you earn Bonus Points to redeem great Rewards every time you use your card.

Earn Bonus Points

Not only is a Visa Check Card convenient, but you earn bonus points just for using it. Every time you make a signature-based transaction, you earn 1 point for every $2 you spend. You automatically start earning points when you use your card. You can register and check your points earned by clicking on the Card Services and then the Scorecard Rewards Program link from our homepage.

The Easy Way to Pay

The Visa Check Card is the easy way to pay for almost anything, anywhere, accepted everywhere you see the VISA logo. No more writing checks and having to show two forms of identification. Just swipe the card and enter your PIN & You're Done! Or, a Visa Check Card can be used just like a credit card, swipe the card and sign.

An ATM Card

Your Visa Check Card also doubles as your ATM access card, withdrawal funds from your account at almost any ATM. You can also deposit or transfer funds into your account at any First Community Bank ATM.

Safeguard Against Lost or Stolen Cards

With a Visa Check Card, you will be assigned a personal identification number (PIN). You must enter this PIN to complete a transaction or withdrawal funds. This provides an extra safeguard to your account if your card is ever lost or stolen.

Just Like Balancing Your Checkbook

Every transaction you make with your Visa Check Card will be listed on your monthly statement. The date, location, and amount of every transaction will be listed, making it easy to keep your account balanced.

Receive Your Visa Check Card Today!

If you don't already have a Visa Check Card with your First Community Bank Account, just stop by any of our First Community Bank locations and apply for your card today.

Your card will be mailed right to you in just a few days.